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Each of our youth sport classes are designed to assist your child in developing confidence in themselves while helping them develop a love for each specific sport. Skills (from basic to advanced), coordination, a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship are just some of the skills taught. We invite you to explore each one of our sports with your child to see which one is right for them. Our classes are 45-50 minute long.


Combo Class Of 3 Or More Sports

Within this weekly Multi-Sport program (or Sports Preview class), your kids will have fun exploring many different sports within the course of 6-9 weeks. The combination of sports varies by location. We concentrate on one sport each class. All classes are Co-ed. Our goal and focus during our 45-50 minute indoor or outdoor classes is to maintain an energetic and highly active setting using many props to engage kids in physical activity. Please bring a soccer ball to soccer class, a hitting T to baseball and a basketball for basketball classes.

Soccer Skills & Drills

For Kids 16 Months To 10 Years

Beginners Edge Sports Training puts a ball at your child’s feet beginning at 18 months old! We teach core skills formatted in a FUN, safe and loosely-structured, non-league environment where your child learns eye/foot and eye/hand coordination, listening skills, following directions, motor-skills, balance, teamwork and so much more! Dribbling and ball control will always be taught throughout each weekly 45-50 minute class. Specialty skills such as Throw-ins, Goalie Skills, Defensive moves, Passing (etc) are introduced in the 2nd half of each class for your 31 month old and older children. Scrimmaging is also encouraged to reinforce the skills learned in class. Please bring a soccer ball.

Softball/Baseball Training

For Kids 2 To 10 Years

B.E.S.T. now brings you B.E.S.T. All-Star Softball and Baseball Training. This is a co-ed program teaching players to pitch, hit, catch and throw like a pro! Baseball and Softball are sports both boys and girls love to play at all ages. BEST YOUTH SPORTS utilization of a large and soft ball as well as a smaller high density foam ball can teach young players to underhand pitch, hit, throw and catch with confidence and no fear. Bring a Hitting Tee to All Classes.

Basketball Training

For Kids 3 To 10 Years

Within this fun and non-league, weekly basketball program, your kids should expect to be exposed to all aspects of the game including how to: pass, catch, dribble, cut & pivot, shoot, lay-up, screen, stance, box-out, close down, and block. Our goal and focus during our 45-50 minute classes is to foster teamwork, individual goal-setting and endurance. Each week different skills will be taught then applied in small-sided scrimmages. Please bring a basketball.

Fitness, Agility, Speed, & Track Training

For Kids 2 To 10 Years

F.A.S.T.T. is the first program of its kind to incorporate Fitness, Agility and Speed training with Track and Field training. B.E.S.T. will bring the world of fitness and exercise and infuse this with Running, Jumping, Discus, Shotput, Hurdles, Relays and more. Watch as your child builds endurance and stamina in our first ever fitness for Kids programming. Welcome to B.E.S.T. F.A.S.T.T.

Football Training

For Kids 3 To 10 Years

Blitz’Em Football is your child’s non-league introduction to Gridiron skills. We provide your children with the B.E.S.T. way to learn touch & flag football without getting sacked. We will coach your children to learn: football terminology, good sportsmanship, passing, receiving, agility, cradling, kicking/punting, flag/touch, blocking, and defense/offense skills.


For Kids 4 To 10 Years

During our 45-50 minute indoor (& outdoor coming soon) classes is FUN and uses special “First Touch” volleyballs that are soft and as light as air. Our instructors will teach serving, digging, passing, attacking, blocking, footwork, bump, set, spike and of course teamwork. This skill-building and non-competitive Volleyball program is a weekly program that will give your kids their first experience with the world of volleyball.

Golf Lessons

For Kids 4 To 10 Years

Kids Golf/Youth Golf or as we call it, Gimme Golf by B.E.S.T. is endorsed by Jack Nicklaus! We will teach you how to: Putt, Chip, Pitch, and Drive. We use specially designed clubs and equipment that keeps it fun and easy to learn. All equipment is specifically tailored and weighted for very young children up to adult. We make it FUN to play and learn golf as a family!

Tennis Lessons

For Kids 3 To 10 Years

B.E.S.T. Tennis lessons teach and introduce eye-hand coordination and stroke technique through exciting games, activities as well as use truly enjoyable, age-appropriate equipment. Learn: foreground ground stroke, backhand ground stroke, serve, return, forehand and backhand volley, and overhead. A strong emphasis on technique and attitude for the court will be the key advantage for your aspiring star.

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