Loyalty Program

B.E.S.T. Loyalty Program


We are proud to announce our Loyalty Program. You are all the B.E.S.T. Customers and we want to say THANK YOU for your loyalty to the program and our B.E.S.T. Family! With the B.E.S.T. Loyalty Program, you are provided you three levels of awesome savings. The more you enroll the higher the permanent savings.  Think of this as a BINGO card.  Print it, fill it out and YELL BEST (ok you don’t have to do that), but call us to redeem your loyalty rewards.

  • Print this form out
  • Keep Track of the sessions you have paid for in full Once you reach one of these levels CALL OUR OFFICE
    • We will verify and then enroll you in the session with one of the amazing $ off rewards!

1.    Only good on full-paid registrations for a complete session (Early-bird pricing and 9 wks for the price of 8 are applicable)
2.    Only one child per loyalty form
3.    Includes early enrollment pricing
4.    Pro-rated sessions not included
5.    Unlimited Classes not included but the initial full paid session registration is
6.    You must keep track of your sessions and CALL to get your discounts. Unfortunately we do not have this ability to track and notify but we can verify
7.    Sessions do not have to be consecutive
8.    Booking a full paid Party  does count as a session.
9.   Credits on accounts can still be used towards payment.
10.    Not applicable for CAMPS, Karate Classes, Private Lessons or Enrichment or City Parks and Rec Programs.
11.    Upon completing your 12th Session, a photo will be taken and placed on our Facebook Page and announced you are a GOLD member!
12.    Please call the office to redeem any and all deals as your registrations must be verified within our registration system with our OFFICE STAFF.
13.    All Credits placed on your B.E.S.T. account are NOT retro-active and can be used on any future session.