BEST Video List

B.E.S.T. Video List

This is a list of the video subject matter you, our coaches are creating. We do not want to duplicate so please be descriptive with what you are going to be demonstrating. As videos are made we will post the videos so you can see the content created.

SEE SCARLETTS link BELOW for the OUTLINE we are LOOKING FOR! Great Job Scarlett!

A Coach asked a few questions:

  • Do we submit payroll AFTER we publish the video we have created? NO, your video submission will be your timecard.
  • Are we still submitting payroll ourselves as we did before or will that be up to Carlos and yourself starting with this week’s payroll? In the email Carlos sent you will see the hours and pay rate you will be getting weekly.
  • Do we submit a “game plan” for the next 8 weeks for a certain sport (mine would be soccer since it’s my strongest background going from a beginning level to a club/collegiate level) and get that approved by Carlos or yourself? YES – you will need to submit a detailed plan on what you are going to teach each week so we minimize duplication. We will post each Coaches plans here so Coaches can review to make sure there is minimal duplication.

Daisy Garcia – she will be focusing on Soccer skills and will provide an outline of the content of the videos shortly.

Kelsey, James, Nathan, Mitch will focus on Training Videos for Coach Training.

Kelsey –  Google Doc Link

Jamel – will be focusing on Football and will provide an outline of the content of the videos shortly.

Scarlett – Fitdeck workouts.  Google Doc Link

Darion – Basketball and baseball. Google Doc Link

DAISY  – soccer skills. Google Doc Link

Tracey F – Basketball. Google Doc Link